Live Streaming, Real Time Interaction for Tourism VIctoria

Remote Control Tourist

Melbourne Remote Control Tourist

For five days, this site allowed Internet users around the world to enter in their own personal requests for what they wanted a remote controlled tourist to do. Using live streaming video with a helmet cam, the tourist would receive the online request and act it out in person. You could ask them to buy a round of drinks, or hug a stranger, whatever you wanted them to do. They ended up visiting over 300 locations in Melbourne Australia and documenting each step of the way so the footage would live on in the archives after the event. They wanted people to get a sense of what it’s like visiting Melbourne before actually being there.

How we did it

We used HTML5, CSS3, PHP to build the experience. We also incorporated apis from Youtube, Foursquare, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Maps. We created our own geo location tracking app to map out where the tourist was at each step of the way, and streamed in all the data from the field to connected users using NodeJS.


SXSW Interactive – Technical Achievement

FITC – Innovation

The Webby Awards – Social Media Campaigns

AICP Next – Experiential

x10 Award Awards

x4 Bronze Cannes Lions

Communication Arts – Digital Advertising

Festival of Media – Best Content Creation

LIA – Digital – Travel

x9 Spikes Asia

The One Show
Client: Remote Control Tourist
Agency: BBDO
Production Company: Tool of NA
Digital Production: Nickel Media/Imposium